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About us

Balcony 18 is a design studio providing creative and custom made products to hotels and luxury apartments worldwide.

Several years ago we designed a large see-front loft for a customer. The loft itself was very spacious, but the balcony was very small, we couldn't see how to make it practical, at first.

Trying several solutions, we created a hanged bar table. not only the atmosphere was upgraded, it gave us the feeling we have more space to use.

There are 45 different types of porches, it means a great difficulty to adapt  one product for them all. So we looked deeper and found out there is no company that provide this solution  - nowhere.

We decided to further develop the idea, and after --- we reached the result we were looking for - the only agronomic arm hanger that works with all porch typed

Balcony 18's

The Patent

Balcony hanged products

The arm is adaptable to any width and shape of a rail by adding links to the structure, it can also be  adjusted to a desired angle

All the parts that comes in contact with the railing are rubber padded to keep the railing intact and to further secure the arm to place.

For extra strength there is a 0.4 mm Allen screw that secures the arm to place and provides high bearing capacity.

With the T extension unit you can add products indefinitely and create multiple floors of shelves / planters / baskets. for example planter arms, a basket and bicycle holder.

Each Balcony 18 system can be extended to fit each rail height by adding an extension of various sizes: 20, 40, 60 cm.

Each Balcony 18 products arrives with 3 adaptors for the railing shape: round, square or oval.

Balcony hanged products




Balcony18 creating solutions!

Our custom made department is enjoying the challenges of unique spaces and environments.

Contact us and set a personal consultation meeting with one of our design specialist.

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